Why We Build Prowlers

Billy Ratlieff, 7 years old Steering a Boat!



Every fisherman dreams of the perfect boat – one powerful enough to embrace the ocean and ride the waves in rough seas, and a boat that also lets families enjoy the ocean together. When I retired as a firefighter more than a decade ago, I knew what i wanted as a fisherman and as a father of two young boys. I designed the Prowler with that perfect smooth, dry ride in mind, and with all the performance and safety features a offshore power cat has to have. Divers and families alike can enjoy all the wonders of the ocean, what we fishermen have known and loved all our lives.

Renaissance prowlers lead the industry in both innovation and versatility.  We hold the world record for the Bermuda Challenge, set in 2002. It’s a record many manufacturers have challenged, but no one has been able to defeat in more than a decade! That’s quality – and everything else is expensive marketing that is passed down to the buyer in the price!

As a third generation boatman, I know you’ll see and feel the difference that only a hand crafted, meticulously designed and inspected custom cat can provide.

In 2012 we’re offering newly designed models that optimize the highly successful Prowler 246 and 306 models, with two additional models already in the pipeline.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a boat, do yourself a favor and ride a Prowler.

See for yourself what quality really looks like,  before you buy anything less.

Look forward to chatting with you,

Bill Ratlieff, Jr.,
Builder, Fisherman, Diver, and Father