Why Prowlers Are Better

We do…

We don’t…

cut out the middleman and connect you directly with builders, giving you more value for your money through factory direct sales have a 35% markup of our factory prices
offer original designs – as the leader in fishing catamaran innovation – which other manufacturers later adopt sell you something off a lot, nor will we deliver your boat in days. We build your personalized vessel, and the result will be worth the wait.
give you exactly what you want in a performance fishing machine, made to your specifications make exaggerated marketing claims. We let our product, our record and our customers speak for themselves
have a patented hull design that has remained undefeated for nearly a decade in a true testing ground sea – the Bermuda Challenge We don’t mass produce a cookie cutter boat.

Year after year, Prowlers hold their value bettern than any other custom-built fishing catamaran on the market.

 One ride will tell you why Renaissance Prolwer owners are the most satisfied boat owners on the sea:

 an unbeatable boat and a great return on investment.

 With a Prowler, you get tremendous value, and year-after-year of trouble-free enjoyment.