What Owners Say

” I earn my living fishing and my charter business is thriving even in this economy.  That’s in large part because I run Prowlers which let me to go out more than 200 days out of the year, even when some other captains don’t dare to venture out because of rough seas.
Puerto Rico is known for treacherous waters, especially on the eastern side where I’m located. The displacement of the Prowler’s hull  provides a great stability and  a very smooth ride to our operation. The result is a great sense of safety for my my clients allowing them to do all types of fishing –  from Deep Sea Fishing, to bottom fishing, to reef and excellent for fly fishing the flats. What I like the most is that this boat is exceptional for Vertical Jigging technique. Usually you have 4-6 anglers on the same side of the boat jigging; and the balance of this boat shows its elegance. Because of the hull design, this boat doesn’t rock side to side as a regular V bottom hull would.This boat gives unsurpassed stability in all sea conditions. I wouldn’t trust anything else. “

Capt. Danny Sosa
Puerto Rico
Phone: 787.384.5188 

“ I’ve known Bill since 2000 and purchased one of the first 24’ Prowlers ever produced. I was a young 22 year old, but already had a passion for sport fishing. I put the Prowler to the test…in ways that only a 22year old would!  I had had other boats, but I wasn’t comfortable and wanted to go further offshore. That is what led me to check out Renaissance Prowlers in the first place; id heard great things about them. I wanted to see for myself, what with all the chest thumping, so I went to the manufacturing site to do my homework.  I was so impressed with their meticulous attention to detail, that I left convinced. A sea trial sealed the deal for me, and the Prowler 246 was mine. Since then, Ive been to many places that one would never think to take a 24’vessel, and I have never been disappointed in the ride or in the Prowler’s handling.

Then several years after that purchase, Bill asked me for my feedback so he could expand his line. The result was the 30’ Prowler, and I bought the very first one.  I got my Captain’s license and chartered for many years, using Prowler as my weapon of choice….LOL. Today I am on my 3rd Prowler, and I could not be a happier sport fisherman….

Wahoo! to swordfish….. from Key West to Cay Sal Banks ….. I have done it ALL on Prowlers and in every type of sea imaginable.

I endorse them wholeheartedly, and promise that you will not be disappointed! ”

Capt. Jose Arguelles
Miami, FL

“ Bill I’m so happy to hear things are going well for you! We still own the Prowler 246 that you sold us at the end of 2000 and glad that we do. Wow – that is over twelve years now with zero issues, just like you promised. The boat rides great in all sea conditions and is very stable. We have mostly been fishing out of Key West down around the Fort and our fuel bills have stayed low all of these years. The twin F 115’s that you installed on our boat are still giving us consistently 3.0 MPG at our 30 MPH cruise; that has made this boat the most affordable boat that I have ever owned. No other boat on the market can compete with my Prowler’s below deck storage; in my opinion this is one of the best features.
The boat still looks like a million bucks, brand new, and we get compliments all of the time.

Thanks again for building a truly unsurpassed catamaran.”

Steve S.
South FLorida

“The Renaissance Prowler is the finest fishing and work vessel ever built. I don’t consider you can find a better, more sea worthy vessel of any make – anywhere!.”

Dr. Neil Burnie – riding a whale shark off the port side of a Prowler

“Bill, I wanted to tell you a few things about my 30’ Prowler, named “Conchy Cat” (CC). First let me say that I am the son of a commercial fisherman and have lived and fished SE Florida, the Bahamas, and the FL Keys my whole life. I have personally owned over a dozen boats, and ridden on more than I can remember. The CC is my second Prowler from Renaissance Marine, and that is a testament of how much I liked the first one.

The first Prowler (CC) ended up on the rocks in the Bahamas and her cat design kept her from rolling over in the surf and rocks and probably saved my crews life that night. Also, she did not split up, she sat there getting slammed and took it like she was made of steel. She gave me enough of a stable platform to get my crew and myself off without injury. I was very proud of her that night. Not so proud of myself letting her get there though.

Okay let me tell you about the new Prowler CC, which I have owned now for about 3 years. As far as cat boats go, she is sexy looking, which is very hard to accomplish in the cat hull configuration. With such a sharp entry and some dead-rise at the transom she provides a very comfortable ride when the seas are up. The dead-rise is so important and most of your competitor’s boats flatten out in the stern, and that causes them to pound in a heavy sea. The big beam allows me to fish 4 or more anglers on one side, when we are deep dropping, and there is no list. She also drifts beam to, and is noticeably more stable than any other mono hull boat on the water. She has sufficient room for me to take 8 people to the Bahamas for a long weekend, and have all the food, clothes, bait, dive gear, fish, and general stuff, under the deck and out of the way. The storage is huge!

Lastly, the CC is so good as an all-around fishing, diving, and fun cruising boat, that I will never own another outboard boat, that isn’t a Renaissance – Prowler! Never!”

R. Jay DePotter…aka… Conchy Jay

 “I’m a boater and fisherman of 30+ years, and I’ve purchased many types of boats in that span of time. Ive owned several Glacier Bay models ( 2665 catamaran and a 2680 catamaran), a Yellow Fin 32, Pursuit 3070 express a World Cat 27 TE catamaran, and a Renaissance Prowler 246.

 The Renaissance Prowler was my all-time favorite,  all around boat.   I was able to run it in the bay in some shallow water for just some family fun, as well as run it out 100+ miles offshore to the canyons for serious sport fishing. The Prowler’s fit , finish , and rigging are absolutely 1st class;  I don’t bang the drum for many products, but would personally recommend this boat to anyone who enjoys boating.

 If you are as big a fan of the wide open sea as I am, you owe it to yourself to sea trial a Renaissance Prowler before committing to anything else out on the market.

 You’ll be convinced that this is the boat you want to own.”

M. Silva
New Jersey

I have ridden just about every fishing boat out there including Yellowfin 36,34, and 31, Contender 31 and 36, Sea Craft 32, World cat 33 te, Conch 27 and others and none not even the 36s match the smooth ride in rough water that Prowler 306 gives me. It has the total package… 1 foot draft, 2 live wells totaling 80 gallons, massive fish boxes with diaphragm pumps, a 10’9″ beam, etc.

But the ride is what convinced me. The boat also has an excellent fuel burn and speeds effortlessly in the mid 50s with twin 250s and over 60 with twin 300s.

I haved fished the boat from the Florida keys to Venice, Louisiana …and points in between…… and I’ve never had anyone, including many guides on the boat , that wasn’t totally impressed with her.

Mark Hoyle

After reading some of the comments about various catamarans that are available I would like to share my experience with anyone interested in a cat. I have been operating a charter business in Key West, Florida utilizing a 24½’ Prowler for several years. It’s powered by twin Suzuki 140’s which enable the boat to cruise easily at 28 to 30 mph, with a top speed of well over 40 mph. The way this boat handles rough water cannot be matched by any other boat its size. I could not be happier with my choice of boats. Some of the things that I really like about it include:
All of the hardware including the popup cleats are made from top quality materials and will look like new after years of intense use.
The electric wiring is easily accessible and all made from high quality materials. After six years of hard use nothing has needed to be replaced or failed.
The light weight of the boat allows for efficient fuel consumption and eliminates the need for more horsepower.
The amount of storage on the boat is amazing with four large floor storage lockers in addition to the huge fish box under the front deck.
The oversized insulated fish box is conveniently located so you can gaff large fish directly from the water into the box. It’s well insulated and keeps ice frozen for extremely long periods of time. It’s easy to clean up because it drains overboard without pumping and has smooth finished fiberglass throughout.
The design of the hull allows it to handle rough water very well and yet the shallow draft allows exploring the shallow waters of the back country, easily going through 2 ½ feet of water under power, and 1 foot with engines up.
In addition to being a serious fishing machine, this boat easily converts into a comfortable and roomy luxury/party boat when you put the huge deck cushions out over the front deck.
The easy to use boarding ladder and fresh water shower at the stern are perfect for hanging out at the sandbars and islands.
The Renaissance Prowler is truly a do it all boat that is built to the highest standards.

Captain Billy Romano
Something Fishing Charters
Key West, Florida