What is the Bermuda Challenge?

About the Bermuda Challenge

It started out almost as a dare after two friends got to talking in 1994, or so the story goes…..
David Seidman, then the editor of Boating magazine, thought that the time was right to start showcasing the improvements that smaller boats had been making in the late nineties. They were faster, stronger, lighter, and now even mere mortals could afford them.
What better way to show off these improvements than to try to cross the Gulf Stream, say from New York to Bermuda?
It would be 760 miles of Atlantic Ocean versus Man – and man would be armed with a boat, outboard engines and a lot of nerve…..
Larry Graf did it in 1996 on a GlacierBay in 37 hours, leaving from Virginia however. In 1999 the record went down to slightly over 29 hours, this time on a catamaran leaving from New York.
In 2002, a veterinarian named Neil Burnie and Bill Ratlieff, the manufacturer of Renaissance Prowlers, set the record that has stood for more than a decade, despite many well-sponsored challengers who’ve tried to beat it:  22 hours, 23 minutes.
The 30’ Prowler, light but built like a tank, cut the world record by 25% and did it using far less fuel than its predecessors.

Read about the harrowing adventure here, fisherman to fisherman:

Or view the Prowler that set the world record below